Brown Sugar Cafe
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  SU01. Tom Yum Goong *  
  Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup, the famous sour and spicy shrimp soup with lemon grass, chilies, lime juice and mushrooms. Available with vegetables or chicken.
  SU02. Tom Khar Gai  
  Chicken Coconut Soup, seasoned with galanga, lime juice, chilies and mushrooms. Available with vegetables.
  SU03. Cucumber Egg Drop Soup  
  Soft cucumber, shrimp, black mushrooms in egg drop soup with snow peas, carrots and baby corn.
  SU04. Seafood Rice Soup  
  Assorted seafood and rice in zesty chicken broth complement with celery and garlic oil.
  SU05. Liang Soup *  
  Shrimp, spinach and vegetables in mildly spiced broth fragranced with basil.
  SU06. Wonton Soup  
  Thai style Wonton soup in clear chicken broth with lettuce and chopped parsley and scallions.