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  Sharing good food is a central activity in Thai Culture. Gin kau riaung? “Have you already eaten?” is a common greeting in Thailand. Perhaps this explains the broad range of cross-cultural influences on Thai Cuisine. Traders, travelers and immigrants have brought with them cooking techniques and flavor palates that have been incorporated into the range of Thai food.

Nearby China, Cambodia, India and Malaysia and more distant Western Europe are represented in Thai Cuisine. Chinese immigrants brought with them quick-frying and a range of noodles, Portugese explorers introduced eggs into Thai desserts.

The distinguishing characteristic of Thai food, however, is its use of contrasting flavors and textures; sweet brown sugar, sour lime and salty fish sauce; spicy peppers and galanga, aromatic lemongrass and rich coconut milk, tender grilled meats and crunchy peanuts.

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